Learning Spanish Online With Audio and Learning Spanish Tips


In this article, I will cover learning Spanish online with audio. I will also provide you with 5 learning Spanish tips. By following these 5 tips, you are guaranteed to make progress.

1. Buy a Conversational Spanish Audio Course

There are numerous courses that you can choose from. Many were developed with the tourist in mind. I recommend that you avoid the commercial courses and chose one that was developed to teach normal everyday conversational Spanish. Based on my personal review and also from the success of my students, Learning Spanish Like Crazy is probably the best course for learning real down-to-earth authentic Spanish DAB Radio Spain.

2. Put The Course On Your iPod or MP3 Player

By having your self-study course on your iPod or MP3 player, you can study even when you are not studying. What I mean by that is that you can pick up new words and phrases while doing other activities, including chores around the house, exercising, driving, etc.

3. Subscribe to a Podcast for Learning How To Speak Spanish

There are a number of podcasts to chose from at iTunes that will help you master speaking this foreign language. Some are for beginners and others are for more advanced students. You will also find that some of the podcasts cover the European version of the language while other podcasts have a focus on the Latin American style of the language.

4. Find Free Material Online

Go to Google or another search engine and start doing research to find what available free MP3 learning Spanish lessons are available for download.

5. Listen to an Online Radio Station in the Target Language

Do a search at Google or your favorite search engine for an online radio station in Spanish.

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