English for kids – this is how to make the best decision for your children


Before deciding whether a child is ready to learn English, you must ask yourself the right questions at the very beginning. First of all, you must understand the importance of learning English for a child, which most parents who decide to take this step are not fully aware of. English is very important for children and their development, it is also an important factor in the process of socialization, depending on where we live język angielski dla dzieci.

Questions that each parent should ask themselves before deciding whether a child should learn English are:


  1. When is the right moment?
  2. What should the English learning method include?
  3. Why English should be learned from an early age?


When is the right time for children to start learning English?


This is the most important question that we should ask ourselves when deciding whether our child is ready to learn English.

There is no universal answer to this question. Children develop at different pace and do not share the same interests. This decision belongs mainly to parents. They should notice when the child begins to learn the simplest word. This is the first sign that the child is ready to learn English.

A child can also express the desire to learn English and thus help parents to make a decision. Generally, however, this decision can not have a negative impact on the child, it can only help in its development.


What must be included in the English language learning method for children?


It is important that during learning children combine what they see and hear, so that they associate objects and things from their surroundings with concepts in English.

In the case of children it is easy to raise the level of knowledge acquired, because they already have the acquired art of mastering English for children.


This knowledge can be obtained by the Pingulingo book, which was developed in such a way to make learning English easy and fun.

We should also ask ourselves what we expect from this method, i.e. what we would like our child to learn in the age in which we decided to start learning English.


Why English should be learned from an early age?


We all know that English is a language that dominates international communication, and its knowledge is of great importance for both individual and professional development.

The faster our child starts learning English (język angielski dla dzieci), the more his self-confidence will be when communicating in that language.

Investing in English at an early age is something that should become the basis for further learning and improvement in primary and secondary school and, of course, in college.

That is why it is very important to ask all these questions on time. Do not make decisions until you fully understand how important English is to children.

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