Designing Your Custom Fabric Hippie Bag


Hippie Bags are extremely much however you like nowadays. Many famous celebrities all over the Hollywood have emerged carrying these types of Bags. Many hand bag brands have introduced this particular design of bag for their own catalog. These bags are showcased in the ideal fashion magazines also.

Hippie Bags are ordinarily made of vintage recycled cotton digital printing fabrics and are also available on the web. The genuine nature of a Hippie Bag is that they are one-of-a kind without a two handbag can be indistinguishable because they will be made from vintage fabrics. The handbags made of fabric are excellent for a chic appearance. These bags are particularly made to be spacious and large with a long shoulder strap for a cozy look.

You will expect many different material when coming up with your own Hippie Bag. Try locating a vintage fabric with some wonderful bold print or embroidery work with it. The fabric used should be natural fabric rather cotton. A jute rope or even a thick elaborate lace trimming for your shoulder strap of the tote.

Steps in making of a Bag

· Cut two equal rectangle pieces of the fabric. Preferred dimensions ought to be 15″ X15″

· Take an ordinary colour fabric for liner and cut this in the same size.

· Take one of those antique cloth and the linings and fold them 2 times approximately 0.25 centimeters out of 1 end. The fold should be facing the lining. Now sew this fold.

· Repeat the preceding step with the other group of the principal fabric and the liner.

· Now take the 2 group of cloths and put them together with the liner side facing outside from both the sides. Now sew the cloths from the 3 sides. Let the most effective remain receptive.

· Then take a nice jute rope along with a thick fancy string to that shoulder strap. The perfect length should be 40 inches.

· Sew the rope out of one end of the cap of the bag to the opposite end of this Top.

· Now inverse the Bag from indoors out.

· you could also set a button on top for enclosure.

This bag is quick to create and very comfortable to carry. For more ideas and layouts on several different styles of Hippie Bags, then get on the internet and visit internet sites selling these forms of Bags. If you aren’t into sewing and like such bag afterward don’t worry, because here are plentiful of choices readily available on the internet and in good rates.

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