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Other than the drawing room or living room, the other room that everybody loves to deck up is the bedroom, for this is the only place where you can be yourself without any fear and naturally it is your favorite place in your house. Most people find their sanctuary in their bedrooms after a hard and tiring day. Naturally you would like to do up your bedroom in such a way that it reflects your tastes and is an extension of your personality.

In this article I will give you a few bedroom paint decorating ideas that you will find helpful while doing up your bedroom. One of the best bedroom paint decorating ideas is to opt for textured painting on one of the walls that will be the feature wall and the focal point of attraction in the bedroom. There are various kinds of textured paints available, in various mesmerizing designs and they can transform the way your wall looks and lift the look of your entire room in a jiffy residential painters gold coast.

Although they are costly, they are worth the money spent on them and if you want, you can lower the costs by painting the wall yourself. Textured painting is always done on any one wall which is unbroken and smooth and free from windows or doors or shelves or beams. The other walls are left bare or are painted in pristine whites or pale creams or beiges to offset the stark look and drama on the textured wall.

Rest assured, this one feature wall will become the accent piece in your bedroom and revolutionize the traditional bedroom looks. You can of course play around with colors but here I will impart other important bedroom wall decorating ideas which will prevent your bedroom from becoming clumsy or appearing as small. Always use soft pastel shades to create the illusion of space. Deep dark rich colors will restrict the look and feel of your bedroom.

In fact it is best to avoid deep colors on the bedroom walls for it will jeopardize your chances of a deep sleep. Soft soothing colors are your safest bets when it comes to bedroom walls for they will lull you into deep slumber.

Indri Maryani has been writing articles for nearly 2 years.